Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous takes time!

Today we have an order for two pounds of English Toffee and 2 dozen Homemade Marshmallows covered in Fudge to deliver to Jeanette over at Bella Deeva Parties.  I made the toffee yesterday so it would have all night to set up and be ready for delivery and last night I made the "mallows" so they would be all ready to get covered in the delicious fudge!  After I dropped the kids off at school I came home to make this wonderful fudge and  I must admit, I was a bit distracted.  I was on the phone, I was thinking of all the things I need to get done today and trying to split the recipe in half.  This did NOT work out very well for me!  I did not melt my fluff before I added the chocolate (was in a hurry, one should never hurry when trying to make fabulous treats!) and the entire batch ended up gritty.  After I cleaned up my mess I took a deep breath and started over.  Taking the time to think about what I was doing and enjoying a little alone time while doing something I love.  It paid off!  My treats are all done, look wonderful and taste Yummy all because I slowed down.  So today, remember to take the time to slow down and enjoy all sweetness that is around you!